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About Us


Core Faculty

The School of the Environment has 13 core faculty members who teach across our five programs. They are:

Chantal Barriault - Science communication, zoo/aquaria public outreach and conservation

Christian Bouchard - Geopolitics of the Indian Ocean, tropical islands, ocean environments

Brett Buchanan - Environmental humanities, environmental philosophy, animal studies 

François Caron - Environmental chemistry, radioactive contaminants in soils

William Crumplin - Ecological footprints, local food security

Randy Dirszowsky - Geomorphology, sediment/soil movement in watersheds

Alicia Hawkins - Environmental archeology, zoo archaeology, Huron-Wendat settlements

Nadia Mykytczuk - Environmental remediation, biomining (NOHFC Industrial Research Chair)

David Pearson - Science communication, climate science, far north First Nations

Charles W. Ramcharan - Freshwater research, invasive species, sustainable agriculture

Graeme Spiers - Environmental chemistry, land reclamation, soil science

Anne Watelet - L’approche socio-hydrogique des questions de l’eau, systèmes d’eaux

Nicole Yantzi - Environmental health, accessibility of built environment

Cross-Appointed Faculty

In addition to our core faculty, the School of the Environment also has the following cross-appointed faculty members from other departments:

Nathan Basiliko (Biology) - Canada Research Chair in environmental microbiology

Peter Beckett (Biology) - Environmental contamination, toxicology

Nelson Belzile (Chem/Biochem) - Biogeochemical behavior of toxins in aquatic systems

Gillian Crozier (Philosophy) - Canada Research Chair in environment, culture, and values

Scott Fairgrieve (Forensic Science) - Forensic anthropology, environmental forensic science

John Gunn (Biology) - Canada Research Chair in stressed aquatic systems

Yovita Gwekwerere (Education) - Environmental education

Michael Hankard (Indigeneous Studies) - Traditional ecological knowledge

Marc Kuhlberg (History) - Environmental history, Canadian forest history

Jacqueline Litzgus (Biology) - Conservation biology of reptiles

Corinne Pastoret (Economics) - Dévéloppement économique et durabilité

Peter Ryser (Biology) - Environmental botany

Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde (Biology) - Canada Research Chair in applied evolutionary ecology

Philippa Spoel (English) - Public communication and rhetoric on environmental issues 


Administrative Staff

Angèle Gosselin Mainville

F-321A (Science II)

705-675-1151 x3366


Adjunct Faculty

Daniel Campbell - Restoration of degraded ecosystems, ecology of wetlands

Al Douglas - Director, Ontario Centre for Climate Impact and Adaptation Resources

Alan Lock - Research Scientist and Project Leader,  both in MIRARCO and the Elliot Lake Research Field Station

Gerard Courtin - Professor Emeritus, Laurentian University

Erik Emilson - Research Scientist, Natural Resources Canada

Jim McGeer - Professor, Department of Biology, Wilfred Laurier University

Katrina Pisani - Staff Scientist, Science North

Danielle Waltenbury - Senior Scientist, Science North

Amy Henson - Staff Scientist, Science North

Sarah Hazell - Workshop Coordinator, Ontario Archaeological Society


Laurentian's School of the Environment has many friends in our immediate community and beyond. These are some of the friends and partners with whom we collaborate, work, and engage:


LU's Office of Energy and Sustainability

Vale Living with Lakes Centre

Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources

Goodman School of Mines

reThink Green Sudbury

Rainbow Routes

Conservation Sudbury

EarthCare Sudbury 

Wahnapitae First Nation

Eat Local Sudbury

Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury

Centre for Evolutionary Ecology and Ethical Conservation