School of the Environment


Laurentian University is located in Sudbury, a city known for its 330 lakes and as northern Ontario's largest city. We are a region recognized for our beautiful Canadian Shield environment and our natural resources (especially water, minerals, and forests). Our goal is to prepare future leaders in achieving environmental sustainability in northern Ontario and across the globe. To achieve this, we offer a stimulating university experience to our students, including work-integrated learning, small classroom sizes, unique one-on-one teaching opportunities, use of new on-line educational tools, and important field work experience.


Since its creation, Laurentian University has been recognized worldwide for its environmental research, especially in the fields of freshwater ecosystems, restoration of industrially damaged ecosystems, northern ecosystems, science communication, zooarchaeology, and environmental sustainability. 



Fall 2018 activities:

September 9: Junction Creek Amazing Race 

  • Junction Creek Stewardship Committee
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September 30: Fall Hike in Killarney "The Crack"

  • School of the Environment  Student Association
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