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"Off the beaten path" campus study spots

h,exam time. The time when the entire university campus is abuzz with a healthy combination of stress and excitement. Reasonably, it’s also the time when the library and it’s surrounding study areas are the most packed, making it difficult, if not impossible, to find a place to sit alone or with a group of friends.

It’s for this reason I thought I’d outline some of my favourite places to study on campus. Although these areas are a bit more “off the beaten path” than you’d immediately consider a study area, I often find their peace and quiet helpful, especially if you’re studying with a group of friends!


The University of Sudbury Lounge

Formally named the Ludger & Amanda Michel University Commons in the University of Sudbury, the commons also features the Morning Star cafe. which is open on weekdays until three o’clock. The lounge and cafe are the perfect place to grab a coffee and a daily special, and settle in for an afternoon of readings.

The lounge is open any time the university’s building is, and the combination of the fire place and the indigenousness art work creates a delightfully comfortable atmosphere.

You can also read more about the lounge here, and it’s cafe here.


A room with tables

The Ludger & Amanda Michel University Commons in the University of Sudbury.



“The Pit” in Huntington University

Affectionately called “The Pit” by students and residents, this common area on the first floor of Huntington University offers the perfect study area. Although the Huntington building does not offer any food services, the pit is within steps from the Huntington library, complete with a computer lab and downtown study quarters.

The area mixes the combination of lounge chairs and bar stools, and also has a microwave for any food you may bring with you.


The LUL East Bistro

Finally, there’s the LUL Bistro. Located on the ground floor of Laurentian’s newest residence, the East Bistro offers Starbucks blend coffee as well as soup, bagels and sandwiches, and salads. Although the actual bistro is closed during the evening, the seating area stays open and offers the perfect lighting and quiet needed for long study sessions.

You can read more about the bistro and it’s hours here.

The LUL East Bistro

The LUL East Bistro


From Twitter: 

From fellow student blogger Amanda (@apbattistuzzi), the tables outside the school of engineering office in the science building have been recommended: this area is perfect for the table and chair studier and the area isn’t usually full!

And there we have it! Those are some of my favourite study places on campus – what are yours? If there’s somewhere I missed, please send tweets to @KaylaRPerry and I’ll be sure to update the list and include your thoughts!