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Did we just become best friends?

By Erica Scoville

As summer comes to a close, the time to move into residence is here. One of the most common fears surrounding residence is the fear of having a bad roommate… Although the thought of moving in with someone you don’t know can be scary, there’s also an opportunity to make great friends. This week I interviewed recent Laurentian graduates, Meaghan Murphy and Sara McConnell, a pair of best friends that owe their friendship to Laurentian residence. The two girls met during their first year of university when they were assigned as roommates, and chose to live with each other throughout their four years of university. Read what they had to say!

ES: The two of you didn’t know each other prior to becoming roommates. Did you click immediately or did it take some time getting comfortable around one another?

MM: I feel like once we started hanging out one-on-one we clicked quite quickly.
SM: Yeah, I agree with Meaghan, I feel like we started doing everything together and that definitely helped the clicking process!

ES: What are some of the best memories and experiences you two have shared, being roommates?

SM: For me, it was when we’d just sit and talk about everything while we were making dinner or whatever. The best memory for me would be when we walked to Independent with spoons and bought ice cream and ate it on the way back.

MM: We had a lot of good chats…we could just sit there and talk for hours, as Sara mentioned. We also had a lot of laughs. We did a lot of stuff together, we’d take the bus to go to the gym, to class, or to get groceries. It was almost like having a significant other. [Laughs]

SM: It really was!

ES: Now that you both have graduated, how do you feel about no longer living with one another?

SM: It’s actually sad, I live on my own now and it’s just not nearly as fun.

MM: Agreed! I really miss her, especially on Sunday since that is when we would always hang out the entire day and watch movies and stuff.

ES: Do you believe that this friendship shaped your overall university experience?

SM: Now that I’ve experienced living without her, I can say that having Meaghan there meant everything. It made it a way more positive, fun, and happy experience because she was a crutch, she was always there for me. All around the sunshine in my life.

MM: I completely agree, my experience wouldn’t have been the same! Sara wasn’t only just a great person to live with, she was clean and respectful and all of that, but she was also my best friend so we had so much fun together…it would have definitely not have been as great an experience without her.

A group of people wearing yellow residence shirts

Residence move-in day is always a fun time!

Although the thought of moving into residence can be daunting, there are many positive aspects that come from the residence experience. As you can see, residence allows you to meet new people and form new relationships. While the memories Meaghan and Sara shared with me are special and unique, friendships such as these are not uncommon. Living in residence is a great opportunity to become apart of a community and create lifelong friendships!