Research Coordination Group

To enhance research excellence and faculty engagement at Laurentian University, the Office of the Vice-President, Research has organized a Research Coordination Group (RCG), which will contribute to the decision making process at the University level regarding resource allocation and utilization, and coordinate the implementation of major research endeavours at the Faculty level. The RCG is composed of five Research Coordinators; one from each Faculty. The Research Coordinator plays a leadership role in coordinating research and scholarly activities in their Faculty and represents their Faculty on the RCG. 

Topics discussed at the RCG meetings include:

  • Strategic planning for major university-wide research initiatives

  • Long-term projection and planning for major research equipment needs

  • CRC and other Research Chair allocation and recruitment

  • Mentoring and internal peer-review programs

  • Teaching release recommendation to Deans

  • Faculty- and department-based Research Database and outcome matrix

  • Celebration of Research – Research Week, media events, profiling

  • Matching money for research initiatives

  • Research space allocation

  • Centralization of major research equipment

  • Other research administrative issues at the faculty level.


Faculty Representatives for the RCG





Michael Yeo

Research coordinator for the Faculty of Arts


Tel: 705-675-1151 (3704)

Department: Philosophy  



Ivy Kyei‐Poku 

Research coordinator for the Faculty of Management


Tel: 705-675-1151 

David MacLean

Research coordinator for the Faculty of Medicine


Tel: 705-662-7240

Department: NOSM  


My research is focused on the better understanding of cardiovascular physiology as it pertains to the regulation of blood flow under conditions of hypoxia, vascular insufficiency and end stage disease states such as heart disease. An associated area of research is protein and amino acid metabolism under both normal and abnormal physiological conditions. For example, I examine the incorporation of amino acids into muscle protein during anabolic conditions such as exercise as well as during end stage disease states such as heart failure. I also examine the effects of anticancer drugs on muscle function as well as the development of cachexia and cardiotoxicity


Gustavo Arteca

Research coordinator for the Faculty of Science


Tel: 705-675-1151 (2117)

Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry 



Tammy Eger

Research coordinator for the Faculty of Health


Tel: 705-675-1151-(1005)

Department: Human Kinetics  


Dr. Eger's research interests focus around the application of ergonomic and human factors principles in industry. She is a leader in the field of occupational vibration and has done seminal work to document whole-body vibration and foot-transmitted vibration exposure associated with surface and underground mining activities. She is also recognized for her research examining the link between working posture, line-of-sight and mobile equipment design. She is an invited member of the International Standards for Organization technical committee concerned with human vibration. Dr. Eger has also consulted with several major mining/construction equipment manufacturers in Canada, Finland and Australia.


Khaled Taktek 

Research coordinator for the Faculty of Education


Tel: 705-675-1151 (5008)

Department: Education