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Sudbury Protocol conference : Taking Sudbury's success to the world


From May 9th to the 11th 2016 , Vale Living with Lakes and Dynamic Earth hosted the Sudbury Protocol Conference

MAY 19th, 2016 – A model of successful regreening and environmental resuscitation over 40 years. A recipient of the United Nation’s Local Government Honours award for our regreening program in 1992. The happiest city in Canada. This is Sudbury, where people relentlessly take on all challenges and make the impossible possible.

Today, numerous industrially ravaged communities around the world are facing the same challenge Sudbury had 40 years ago. Sudbury’s success could be theirs tomorrow. Our nation, our world, and our futures call for a systematic approach and a roadmap, a practical guide to help others duplicate the Sudbury experience. This is what we mean by “the Sudbury Protocol.”

The Sudbury Protocol Conference will launch the formulation of the Sudbury Protocol. With the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and many other organizations, this conference will examine the steps taken to achieve Sudbury’s regreening success over the last 40 years. We will then work together to determine the paths and strategies for the formulation of the Sudbury Protocol. As the final outcome of this Conference, we aim at assembling an inter-disciplinary research team with delineated research and budgetary plans required to accomplish this project.

The creation of the Sudbury Protocol is a huge undertaking for both Laurentian University and our community. Already, the commitment and dedication I have seen from our researchers on campus and from the City of Greater Sudbury and our partners in this Conference give me great confidence. We will take on this challenge, because this is Sudbury. 

Members of Vale Living with Lakes, Dynamic Earth and Sudbury Protocol Conference outside.