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LURF Grants for 2018


As part of its regular program, the Laurentian University Research Fund (LURF) funded a total of 44 projects in 2018, of which, 36 were for research and eight for publication projects. A total of $199,299.73 was awarded this year to help full-time faculty members enhance their scholarly productivity with the objective of nurturing and stimulating research. The LURF is funded by Laurentian University as described in Section 6.25 of the 2017-2020 LUFA collective agreement. 

In the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture, 18 projects from the following Departments or Schools were funded: Architecture, Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Engineering, Environment, Forensic Science and Mathematics and Computer Science.

In the Faculty of Arts, 13 projects from the following Departments or Schools were funded: Economics, Études françaises, History, Music, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.

In the Faculty of Health, eight projects from the following Departments or Schools were funded: Human Kinetics, Indigenous Relations, Nursing and Social Work.

In the Faculty of Management, five projects from the following Departments were funded: Commerce and Administration, Finance and Operations and Marketing and Management.   

Consult the full list of projects that received LURF grants in 2018:

Principal Investigator Department/School Faculty Project Title Amount Funded
Abdel-Dayem, Amr Mathematics and Computer Science Science, Engineering & Architecture Source camera identification in digital image forensics 5,000.00
Alarie, Yves Biology Science, Engineering & Architecture Water Beetle Diversity (Insecta: Coleoptera) of Manitoulin Island, Ontario 5,000.00
Amaral, Izabel Architecture Science, Engineering & Architecture A Review of Wood Architecture: 20th and 21st century texts and buildings 5,000.00
Arpin-Cribbie, Chantal Psychology Arts Interventions en ligne pour le perfectionnisme: Développement d'un protocol pour la communauté francophone mal desservie 5,000.00
Bals, Myriam Social Work Health N'ayez plus peur de la théorie! Apprenez-la avec les études du cas - 2ième édition augmentée 4,000.00
Bélanger, Charles Marketing and Management Management Influence of Website Reviews on Purchasing Decisions 5,000.00
Belliveau, Joel History Arts La vague nationale des années 1968: Une comparaison internationale 5,000.00
Belzile, Nelson Chemistry and Biochemistry Science, Engineering & Architecture Transformation of drinking water sludge in a zeolite-type absorbent at low cost 5,000.00
Ben-Awuah, Eugene Engineering Science, Engineering & Architecture Blast Optimization Using Discrete Fracture Network Analysis 5,000.00
Bessière, Arnaud History Arts La domesticité masculine au Canada au XVIIIe siècle (1711-1763) 2,750.00
Bessière, Arnaud History Arts Les domestiques face aux édiles au Canada sous le régime français: une justice conciliatrice? 2,250.00
Bougrine, Hassan Economics Arts The Creation of Wealth and Poverty: Means and Ways 5,000.00
Burke, Sara History Arts A Pleasure-Seeking Generation: Deans of Women Confront Student Government in the Postwar World 4,957.00
Carlson, Elizabeth Social Work Health Land, Decolonization, and Reconciliation in Canada 5,000.00
Côté, Isabelle Social Work Health Développement d'outils méthodologiques et pratiques pour évaluer les pratiques d’intervention axées sur la sécurité et l'empowerment des femmes victimes de la violence conjugale 4,075.28
Dia, Mohamed Marketing and Management Management Performance Measurement of Canadian Oil and Gas Companies 2,500.00
Dickinson, Joël Psychology Arts Do we always read "straight"? The role of gender and context on the mismatch effect for sexuality schemas 5,000.00
Fairgrieve, Scott Forensic Science Science, Engineering & Architecture Forensic Cremation: Recovery and Analysis, Second Edition 3,530.04
Gagnon, Jeffrey Biology Science, Engineering & Architecture Hydrogen sulfide and sulfate prebiotic stimulates the secretion of GLP-1 and improves glycaemia in male mice, AND A role for methanogens and methane int he regulation of GLP-1 3,907.83
Gauthier, Eric Chemistry and Biochemistry Science, Engineering & Architecture Effect of glutamine synthetase expression levels on stress tolerance in Drosophilia melanogaster 5,000.00
Golmohammadi, Amirmohsen Finance and Operations Management Examination of Government's Policies in Reduction pf GHG Emission: A Game Based Theory Approach 4,585.00
Hall, Laura Indigenous Relations Health Indigenous Languages, Gender Equity, and Ending Violence Against Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit Individuals 4,979.90
Heale, Roberta Nursing Health Risk Factors Associated with Operative Vaginal Birth in Ontario: A population-based, retrospective study 4,250.00
Hien, Amélie Études françaises Arts Analyse systématique de la terminologie médicale en julakan: Collecte des termes et descriptions de leurs structures et de leur usage 5,000.00
Hirota, Yoko Music Arts CD Publication of my research "Arnold Schoenberg Piano Music with his 17 Fragments" 5,000.00
Kpazai, Georges Human Kinetics Health Étude du développement de la pensée critique des enseignants et enseignantes d'éducation physique et sportive (EPS) en formation initiale: le cas de la république du Congo 5,000.00
Laflamme, Simon Sociology Arts Le meurtre du partenaire intime: Relation et émoraison 5,000.00
Leeson, David History Arts Devil's Island: The Irish Revolution 1911-23 5,000.00
Litzgus, Jacqueline Biology Science, Engineering & Architecture Using genetic tools (SNPs) to quantify relatedness of Painted Turtles to understand their behavioural ecology 5,000.00
Mah Kai, Wood Architecture Science, Engineering & Architecture Social Architecture Plugged and Unplugged: Global Practice in the 21st Century 4,956.00
Mallory, Frank Biology Science, Engineering & Architecture Correlates of wolf/coyote eco-morphology and genetics with primary prey size and species in North America 1,500.00
Martinez Garcia, Mery Biology Science, Engineering & Architecture Some shark species might vanish with Global Warming: The effect of elevated temperature on predator sensing and avoidance in two species of oviparous sharks 5,000.00
Merritt, Thomas Chemistry and Biochemistry Science, Engineering & Architecture Development of Novel Science Outreach Experiments 5,000.00
Meyer, Ralf Mathematics and Computer Science Science, Engineering & Architecture Thermal conductivity of Silicon phononic crystals and structures 5,000.00
Peters, John Political Science Arts Canadian Labour Policy and Politics: Inequality and Alternatives 4,800.00
Pinard, Emilie Architecture Science, Engineering & Architecture Construire sur les traditions: savoir-faire et innovation dans l'architecture vernaculaire au Sénégal et en Guinée-Bisseau 5,000.00
Ramcharan, Charles Environment Science, Engineering & Architecture Training First Nations citizen scientists to enhance aquatic resource management 3,400.00
Robitaille, Jean-Francois Biology Science, Engineering & Architecture Diet and physical condition of lynx (Lynx canadensis) and bobcats (Lynx rufus) 2,918.68
Shahi, Shashi Finance and Operations Management Performance improvement of supply chain logistics management using machine learning for resource-based industry in Northern Ontario 5,000.00
Shute, Tanya Social Work Health An Exploration of Student Bullying in Social Work Education 4,940.00
Takouda Pawoumodom, Matthias Commerce and Administration Management Semidefinite relaxations and heuristics for the facility layout design 5,000.00
Verrelli, Nadia Political Science Arts A Missed Opportunity: R. v. Ryan, the RCMP, and Responses to Domestic Violence 5,000.00
Wabie, Joey-Lynn Indigenous Relations Health Land-based Learning Journey 5,000.00
Zeinali, Meysar Engineering Science, Engineering & Architecture Human and Object Detection Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Single Camera to Improve Human Robot Interaction 5,000.00