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Launch of Romeo, Award and Certification Portal


On Monday June 20th, all researchers, reviewers and signing authorities will be able to log into the Research Portal. Here is the link to the Portal:

ROMEO provides solutions for research management. Keeping track of research projects with substantial funding, a system that captures data on contracts and awards and one that manages certifications, clinical trials and intellectual property is needed. ROMEO is just that. ROMEO will be replacing the methods previously used where communication between multiple offices, researchers and administrators with no real way of tracking each other’s progress or status. Without a fully integrated system this can be very labour intensive.

A little more about ROMEO as described by the developer Process Pathways: “ROMEO has the industry’s most powerful, built-in report generators, enabling the creation and sharing of periodic reports and responding to the load of adhoc requests from faculties, departments, the executive office, funders, and the research team members”.

Why is Laurentian University joining the network of institutions that use the ROMEO to facilitate their research process (particularly the research pre and post award lifecycle) ?

ROMEO allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily build reports by department, faculty, sponsor, institution, etc.
  • Maintain compliance in a highly regulated environment.
  • Provide online collaboration between researchers, review boards and research offices.
  • Ensure the highest levels of accountability by accurately tracking and reporting on all research activities
  • Accommodate the needs of any research administration group.
  • Relax and enjoy a flexible, scalable and affordable solution.

Romeo serves as a single research “workbench” for Researchers and Administrators. Researchers have a real time view into their project files and all related documents. It creates a system where less time is spent on the logistics of an application and more time can be spent on research. Researchers, Signing Authorities and Reviewers will be able to access the Research Portal of Romeo where they will be able  to complete the tasks required of them. Email notifications are automatically sent to you when a file requires your attention. Moreover, Romeo allows researchers to view the Workflow Log, which displays how the application is progressing through reviews and approvals.

In the coming days, a “Registration Notification” will be sent from Romeo to all researchers and signing authorities. In this notification you will be provided with a user ID, a code and a URL. By clicking (or copying and pasting) the URL, you will be directed to the Research Portal page, where you will be prompted to enter the User ID and the provided code. Once you hit submit, you will be prompted to enter a new password.  And that’s it!

If by chance you don’t get a registration notification, the page will be live on June 20th, which means, you will be able to self-register. Just follow the steps. All reviewers shall receive their user name and password, prior to June 20th at which point they will be able to log in and begin taking a look at the database.

Researchers and reviewers will also be sent the step-by-step training modules. These modules were created as a guide to train you on how to use the system based on the role you have in Romeo. If, after going through the module and using it as a guide in the process, you require further training, please email us at and we will set up a date and time for training.

The system is new to Laurentian research community and there may be bugs to fix along the way. That’s normal. If you notice anything, or if a form requires attention (i.e. mistakes in the forms, missing questions) please email with the specifics.