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Intellectual Property Management and Commercialization


On Wednesday, May 18, 2016, the Office of Research Services (ORS) held a workshop on intellectual property management and commercialization at Laurentian University.  The workshop attracted a multidisciplinary audience composed of 15 researchers and students from various faculties and departments such as Nursing, Orthophonie, Sociology, Engineering, and Biology. The workshop was facilitated by Gisele Roberts, Manager of Intellectual Property and Partnerships of ORS, and Dr. Chris Bown, Partner and Patent Agent with Gowlings WLG (Canada).

During the two-hour workshop, researchers and students listened to the presentation by Gisele and Chris on the following four subject areas:

  1. What is intellectual property and what are the different types?
  2. Laws, definitions, and other important factors related to intellectual property
    • Canada and US, first to file, public disclosures, etc.
    • Inventorship vs. ownership, authorship vs. inventorship
  3. Who owns intellectual property at Laurentian?
    • Faculty, student, etc.
  4. How does the Office of Research Services assist with the protection and commercialization of intellectual property?

The presentation was followed by a lively discussion and question and answer period in which topics such as copyright, privacy, and evolving Canadian policy and legal frameworks were addressed. When asked what she likes best about her job, Gisele responded, “I enjoy interacting with researchers at Laurentian and facilitating the intellectual property and commercialization process. Working in this field is also very intellectually stimulating. I’m always learning new things and I enjoy helping other to identify and remedy their knowledge gaps when it comes to the issues of intellectual property management and commercialization”.

For further information regarding any of these topics, please contact Gisele at or at 705-675-1151, ext. 3866.