Institut franco-ontarien


IFO’s board of directors for 2017-2018 is composed of the following members: Randy Battochio, Rachid Bagaoui, Michel Bock, Amélie Hien, Lianne Pelletier, Serge Miville and Donald Dennie. Julie Boissonneault is an ex-officio member in her capacity as editor of the RNO.

Journal issue 42 of the RNO was published in the winter of 2018. Issue 43, which will focus on the 40th anniversary of the RNO’s first issue in 1978, is in the works. It will include accounts of former editors, as well as commentaries on past articles that appeared in various issues from 1978 to 2000. This will be the last issue of the RNO edited by Julie Boissonneault.

A group of seven researchers, members of IFO, are preparing a grant proposal to be submitted to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council in the fall of 2018; the project would study various aspects of the lives of Francophones in the Sudbury region from the start of the 20th century to today. 

Serge Miville, Franco-Ontarian History Research Chair, worked with students on a research project related to the 50th anniversary of the francophone newspaper Le Voyageur. They presented their research at ACFAS-Sudbury’s 2018 symposium and the 2018 edition of Greater Sudbury’s francophone book fair.

Donald Dennie obtained a LURF-R grant for a project on the role that the arts played in the francophone communities of Greater Sudbury at the turn of the century.