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Research Week 2017 Awards

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Awards

  • Best PhD Presentation from the Graduate Symposium
    Katie Goggins, Natural Resources Engineering, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Architecture
    Project: Resonant frequency identification at the foot when standing in a natural upright position during vertical vibration exposure


  • Best Masters Presentation from the Graduate Symposium
    Joseph Burke, Indigenous Relations, Faculty of Health                 
    Including Indigenous Knowledge and Perspectives in the Policy-Making Process: Natural Resource Development Policy Making for the Ontario Ring of Fire


  • Best Presentation Aboriginal content
    Winner: Michelle Kennedy, Indigenous Relations, Faculty of Health
    Project: Understanding the ways Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) are framed and handled by social and traditional media users. 


  • Best Student Presentation French
    Jennifer Pichette, Biology, Science, Engineering & Architecture
    Project: Le rôle de H2S dans la régulation du GLP-1, une hormone gastro-intestinale


  • Best Student Presentation Health
    Celisse Bibr, Interdisciplinary Health, Faculty of Health
    Project: Knowledge and attitudes of NOSM students in regards to FASD

  • Best Student Presentation Science, Engineering & Architecture
    Ryan Bidal, Biology, Science, Engineering & Architecture
    Project: Magnetically Mediated Crystal Formation in Spring Water: Understanding the Fundamentals of Abiogenesis


  • Best Student Presentation Management
    Adrienne Moreau, Interdisciplinary Health, Faculty of Health
    Project: A Comparative Analysis of Occupational Health and Safety Research Centres in Canada: identifying practices for a high performing research centre

  • Best Student Presentation Arts
    Victoria Foglia, Experimental Psychology, Faculty of Arts
    Project: Understanding Caregivers’ Accuracy in Detecting Facial Expressions of Pain in Children: An Eye Tracking Study


3 Minute Thesis Competition

  • Winner: Damien Mullin-Semeniuk, Biology, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Architecture
    Project: The Turtle Hurdle: Headstarted Wood Turtles (Glyptemys insculpta) Post-Release


Student Forum People’s Choice Award (Undergraduate Category)

  • Winner: Caitlyn Bourque, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Architecture
    Project: Cystathionine gamma-lyase/H2S system protects against LPS-induced inflammation in endothelial cells


Student Forum People’s Choice Award (Graduate Category)

  • Winner: Ming Fu, Biology, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Architecture
    Project: The vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation induced by fructose via the down-regulation of PP2A


Faculty Forum Winner

  • Winner: Dr. Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde, Biology, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Architecture
    Project: Center for Evolutionary Ecology and Ethical Conservation and NSERC CREATE ReNewZoo Graduate student research



  • Laurentian Faculty, Best in Show: Gustavo Arteca, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Architecture
    Project: Monglasar
  • Laurentian Staff, Best in Show: Gillian Schultze, Office of the Vice-President Research
    Project: Of Water
  • Laurentian University Student, First Prize:  Amanda Durkin, Biology, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Architecture
    Project: Just Breathe
  • Laurentian University Student, Second Prize: Adrian Hutchinson, School of Architecture, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Architecture
    Project: Snowflake
  • Laurentian University Student, Third Prize: Eric Goodchild, Undeclared Undergraduate
    Project: Virus Life
  • School Student, Frist Prize: Marissa Lindon, Lo Ellen High School, The Story Before Ours
    Project: The Story Before Ours
  • School Student, Second Prize: Mme Corsi's 6th Grade Class
    Project: Human DNA Chain
  • School Student, Third Prize:  Hailey Fenton, St Benedict's High School
    Project: Vertebral Column
  • Peoples’ Choice: Eric Goodchild, Undeclared Undergraduate
    Project: Virus Life


Voyageurs’ Innovation Challenge

  • Winners: Valeria Pavese, Stephen Young, Alex Hutchison, Dr. Caterina Noula, Dr. Dean Millar, Bharti School of Engineering/MIRARCO, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Architecture
    Title of Innovation: Application of hydraulic air compressors for CO2 capture


Innovation Award

  • Winners: Dr. Tammy Eger (CROSH) and Mallorie Leduc (PhD student), Centre of Occupational Health and Safety, Faculty of Health
    Project:  Vibration Toolkit


The Research Excellence Award

  • Winner: Dr. Harold Gibson, Harquail School of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Architecture
    Project: Metal Earth


Louise Picard Public Health Research Grant

  • Winners: Dr. Judith Horrigan (Laurentian University) and Troy Haslehurst (Sudbury & District Health Unit)
    Project: SDHU Employee Psychologican Health and Wellness
  • Winners: Dr. Michel Larivière (Laurentian University) and Nastassia McNair (Sudbury & District Health Unit)
    Project: Evaluating the effectiveness of the Program for the Evaluation and Enrichment or Relation Skills (PEERS) among non-ASD adolescent participants in the Sudbury and & Districts


Top 10 Research and Innovation Achievements in 2016

  1. Student Achievement - Publications in High Profile Research Journals (Nature-Heredity, PLOS one, Ecology and Evolution, Genes and Genomics, etc., Gabriel Thériault, (PhD candidate, Biology)
  2. 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
  3. Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF) award, Metal Earth, $49.6M
  4. Clifford A. Fielding Research, Innovation and Engineering Building, Laurentian University
  5. Canada’s #1 in total sponsored research income growth in the undergraduate category, Laurentian University
  6. Achievements in Indigenous Research, Laurentian University
  7. First NSERC CREATE grant at Laurentian University, Dr. Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde (Biology), Dr. David Lesbarrères (Biology), Dr. Jacqueline Litzgus (Biology), Dr. Brett Buchanan (School of the Environment), Dr. Gillian Crozier (Philosophy)
  8. Research Chairs recruitment and renewals, Laurentian University
  9. Outstanding NSERC Granting Success, Dr. Elizabeth Turner (Harquail School of Earth Sciences)
  10. Governor General Gold Medal for highest achievement in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and NSERC Doctoral Award, Justin Chamberland (MA, Psychology)