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Ontario High School Applicants

Applicants to our Bachelor of Arts programs require the successful completion of at least six grade 12 4U/M courses with a minimum overall average of 70% and must qualify to obtain their OSSD.

Most Bachelor of Arts programs require a grade 12 4U English and five other Grade 12 4U/M courses. Programs in Computer Science and Mathematics require a grade 12 4U English, a grade 12 4U Mathematics course in Advanced Functions, one additional grade 12 4U Mathematics course, and three other Grade 12 4U/M courses. Programs in Fine Art, Music, and Theatre Arts require an audition in addition to their course requirements (refer to the supplementary application section for further details).


Advanced Placement

Applicants who have completed Advanced Placement courses in appropriate subjects with a grade of 4 or higher may receive transfer credit equivalent to a maximum of 12 credits. Applicants must also meet the admission requirements listed above as Advanced Placement courses are not accepted in place of the Grade 12 requirements.


International Baccalaureate

Applicants who have completed the International Baccalaureate are eligible for admission provided they have achieved a minimum score of 28 and have fulfilled the diploma requirements (six subjects, minimum three at the higher level). Applicants may receive transfer credits for higher level courses with grades of 5 or higher. Applicants must submit the International Baccalaureate transcript to the Office of Admissions for evaluation.


Canadian High School Applicants from Outside Ontario

Applicants require the successful completion of a secondary school diploma with the equivalent course requirements as Ontario applicants. Applicants from the Province of Quebec require a minimum of the first year of the Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel (CEGEP) program or grade 12 with a minimum 75% average. Applicants who have completed two or three years of a CEGEP program will be considered for admission with advanced standing.


High School Applicants from the United States of America

Applicants must have completed grade 12 from an accredited secondary school with a minimum overall B average and with at least four different subjects, including English.


Applicants from Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology


Applicants who have completed a minimum of one year of college studies with a minimum overall C average may be eligible for admission.  For students who have completed two or three year programs, Laurentian has many articulation agreements designed to enhance student mobility. If there is not an articulation agreement, Laurentian offers admission with advanced standing as indicated below. For information with respect to articulation agreements, please contact the Office of Admissions.


3 Year Diploma                 

                GPA = A:  48 to 54 credits* 

                GPA = B:  36 credits

                GPA = C+: 24 credits    


2 Year Diploma

                GPA = A:  36 to 42 credits*               

                GPA = B:  24 credits


*             Number of credits depends on the program affinity


Applicants from other Universities and Colleges

Applicants wishing to be considered for admission must submit official transcripts to the Office of Admissions. The transcripts received will be assessed for admissibility and possible transfer of credits.


Mature Students

Applicants wishing to be considered as a mature student must:

                be 21 years old or older prior to the first day of classes of the term to which they applied

                have not attended any secondary or postsecondary institution for at least two years

                submit a letter outlining the reasons for pursuing university studies

                submit a resume or CV specifying current education, interests, and work experience


Applicants from Other Countries

Applicants from other countries wishing to be considered for admission must submit official transcripts and supporting documents to the Office of Admissions. These documents should be submitted in their original language as well as an official translation into English or French.

Applicants to English language programs who have not completed at least three years of English academic study, must also present an English-language proficiency test result (TOEFL, IELTS, CAEL or MELAB) with the required minimum score. Applicants who do not meet the minimum and who are otherwise admissible are offered the opportunity to enrol in Laurentian’s English Academic Preparation (EAP) Program. Please refer to the website of Laurentian International for more details.

For Current Students

The degree options listed below are for the upcoming academic year, not the current academic year. If you are a current student looking for which courses to take in order to complete your degree options from a previous academic year's curriculum, please consult with an academic advisor.

To get a description of the different programs, please see the "Options" tab in French.


ESAN-1006FL - Introduction à la santé publique ESAN-1007FL - Déterminants sociaux et santé
LANG-1005FL - Grammaire appliquée à la rédaction SOCI-1015EL - Understanding Society
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