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Motion Picture Arts

Be the star of your career.

Key Features

Prepare for a career as a 21st century motion picture artist.
New platforms, such as smartphones and tablets, Facebook and Youtube, generate demand for ever more content, increasing job prospects for motion picture artists.
CANADIAN CINEMA - This course seeks to provide students with a comprehensive overview of the motion picture cultures and industries in Canada from the silent era to today. A wide range of motion pictures will be analyzed and/or discussed specifically feature-length fiction works by anglophone, francophone, and First Nations directors in addition to documentaries, animation, and experimental works. Topics will include the theory of "national cinema," the development of a government-supported industry (e.g., the National Film Board of Canada, the Canadian Film Development Corporation, Telefilm Canada, etc.) the continuing challenges of production distribution and exhibition (especially vis-a-vis the Hollywood studio system) and trends and forecasts for the 21st century. Weekly screenings and analyses.

Career Opportunities

Arts, entertainment, advertising, arts management, social media, communications, education, graduate studies, music, theatre, film, TV.

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