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Create, collaborate, build and design all facets of a performance.

Career Opportunities

Actor or comedian, theatre administrator, cultural animator, theatre artist, clown (social and other), researcher in theatre studies, cultural reporter, play reviewer, artistic director, cultural or artistic organization director, teacher, drama professor, stage director, publicist, floor manager…

Linus Cunningham Closs

What is amazing about Laurentian is the huge variety of programs, and the freedom to build those programs with student assistance. In the time that I have spent here, the theatre program has greatly expanded and new experimental classes were held, classes that provide a theatrical education well on par with the specific focused training you can receive at specialized colleges. I have also travelled overseas with other theatre students to perform in Taiwan, and others have performed in Denmark. I would recommend the theatre program to anyone who pursues a career or passion for theatre, and would hope that they receive an experience as rich and fulfilling as I have.

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