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School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences

Study movement, energy and the science of sports.


Human health and wellness is a growing and ever-evolving industry. Get in the game and on track for a career that keeps up with a health-conscious public.

School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences includes five programs that, in distinct ways, examine the field of physical education, including research methods and the impact of physical activity and fitness on health and wellness within Canadian and international contexts.

Students select one of the following programs:

  •           Outdoor Adventure Leadership (Bachelor of Physical and Health Education)
  •           Health Promotion (Bachelor of Physical and Health Education)
  •           Kinesiology (Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Physical and Health Education)
  •           Sport Psychology (Bachelor of Arts)

Students may also be enrolled in the Concurrent BEd program with the above programs with the exception of Kinesiology.

Key Features

A person running on a treadmill
Learn the limitations and the extent of movement the human body can achieve at various ages and stages of growth.
A question mark in a human's head
Gain an understanding of the psycho-social contributions to human movement.
A laptop with a graduation cap on it
Tailor your degree and pursue your areas of interest.

Career Opportunities

Adventure education or travel, athletic therapy, coaching, community recreation, education, ergonomics, fitness, gerontology, graduate studies, health services in the public and private sectors, medical school, nutrition, physiotherapy, professional programs.

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