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Religious Studies

Understand the nature of religion and its significance for human culture.

The program is administered by a Joint Department of Religious Studies, comprised of each of the three departments of Religious Studies from the University of Sudbury, Huntington University and Thorneloe University, all situated on the Laurentian campus.

The Joint Department offers a broad overview of the discipline, while also providing those who wish to pursue more advanced studies with the necessary foundation.

The faculty are known for excellence in teaching and research.

Academic Advisor

Dr. Kornel Zathureczky

Telephone: 705-673-5661 X 152


Office: University of Sudbury / Université de Sudbury,
Senior Academic Department Secretary: Suzanne Paquin
(705) 673-5661 x 315

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Delivery Method: Online

The faculty for Religious Studies are drawn from the Religious Studies departments of the three Federated Universities : Thorneloe UniversityHuntington University, and University of Sudbury


Relevant graduate study opportunities at Laurentian:

• Master of Arts in Humanities


Program Highlights:

  • Three- or four-year programs lead to a Bachelor of Arts with concentration or specialization in Religious Studies.

  • The program focuses on four main areas of study: Biblical Studies, World Religions, Western Religions, and Religion and Culture.

  • Courses may include Christian thought, Buddhism, Indigenous tradition and culture, Eastern mysticism, the paranormal, bioethics, social issues, Western morality, Judaism, Hinduism, Apocalyptic and the Book of Revelation.

  • Students who are not interested in completing a specialization in Religious Studies can decide to do a minor, or simply take elective courses in Religious Studies.

For Current Students

The degree options listed below are for the upcoming academic year, not the current academic year. If you are a current student looking for which courses to take in order to complete your degree options from a previous academic year's curriculum, please consult with an academic advisor.

List of Faculty Members