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Part-Time Secretary, Department of Music and Theatre Program (Francophone)

Required Position

Part-Time Secretary , Department of Music, Theatre Program (Francophone)   Permanent Part-Time Appointment  – Up to 20 hours per week


Reporting to the Business Manager in the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, the successful candidate will:


Provide full secretarial support to the Department / Program  

  1. Organize and attend meetings, book rooms, take minutes, prepare, produce and circulate documents, agendas and minutes
  2. Maintain Department / Program files and office operations including but not limited to: collecting annual reports, updating lists (space, current faculty, etc.), posting office hours; coordinate periodic reviews
  3. Assist the chair and faculty in preparing for their courses (making or arranging for copies, forms, posting cancelled classes, etc.), scheduling (preparing course master changes and updates, etc.), hiring of faculty (maintaining current Sessional instructor roster, seniority and establishment list, preparing documentation for hiring committees, processing postings, ensuring that new faculty are familiar with equipment and forms, etc.) and other tasks directly related to this position as assigned 

Department / Program Budgets  

  1. Prepare and process credit card expenditures, transfers and requisitions; prepare work orders, time sheets etc. in consultation with the Chair
  2. Purchase supplies for Department / Program; monitor and maintain inventory 
  3. Monitor and maintain Petty Cash (if applicable) 

Serve as the information centre and resource person for the department / Program 

  1. Respond to inquiries by telephone, mail, e-mail and in person
  2. Organize, produce and handle material pertaining to the operation of the departmental/program office and edit when necessary. 
  3. Provide basic information about programs offered, and direct inquiries to the proper outlet; maintain and update faculty list;

Special events & Publicity 

  1. Assist in the planning and organization of special events, guest speakers / lecturers, trips etc. including travel arrangements, Laurentian Concert Series, and provide support to the music resource room. 
  2. Assist in the planning, organization and expenses associated with various theatre productions throughout the year. 
  3. Update and maintain Department and Program webpages
  4. Produce, create, update and aid in the production of marketing materials

Provide assistance to students 

  1. Inform students of various workshops, opportunities, competitions and seminars
  2. Advise teaching assistants; prepare paperwork for GTAs and advise students of other funding opportunities
  3. Ensure students are following necessary steps towards thesis defense; coordinate thesis defenses as needed.


*Perform other duties as assigned

  • Grade 12 diploma plus one year of related post-secondary studies minimum; 
  • 3-4 years of related experience at a post-secondary institution 
  • Advanced literacy skills in both French and English to provide adequate support to the Department of Music and the Theatre Program (francophone) (drafting documents with a minimum of errors).
  • Strong computer literacy skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Paint, Datatel, Web Advisor, GroupWise, Skype, ability to maintain and update department/program webpages).
  • Office administration and secretarial skills (minute taking, keyboarding, filing, record keeping, sorting mail and email, responding to inquiries)
  • Basic knowledge of computer hardware to troubleshoot peripherals (projectors, printers etc.)
  • University policies and procedures (Finance, Registrar, etc. to assist students and faculty).
  • Numeracy skills (basic knowledge of bookkeeping to track expenses and manage budgets). 
  • Ability to work fluently, oral and written, in both official languages, French and English.


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