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Celebrate Laurentian Research

How LU faculty, students and staff are changing the world.

Laurentian University will receive $1.6M from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the government of Ontario through the TargetGHG program administered by Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) in support of research aimed at tackling the problem of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Landscape Carbon Accumulation through Reductions in Emissions (L-CARE) project will examine how best to manage reclamation as part of a carbon sequestration strategy in relation to extensive hard-rock mining, looking at an assortment of treatment and management strategies across three main ecosystem types: upland, wetland, and aquatic. Read full story...

New Researcher Profile

Tanya Shute
School of Social Work
Faculty of Health

Tanya Shute recently moved to Sudbury from Richmond Hill, Ontario to join the School of Social Work at Laurentian after having been a sessional instructor and adjunct professor in the social work program offered at the Barrie satellite campus. Prior to her full-time role with Laurentian she was also faculty and Coordinator of the Social Services Worker program at Seneca College (Yorkgate) and lead curriculum author, faculty, and coordinator of Seneca’s Honours Bachelor of Community Mental Health and Addictions degree, and its Mental Health Intervention post-graduate program. Prior to her life in academia, she practiced front-line in community mental health and homelessness in York Region, and was Executive Director of York Region’s only adult drop-in centre, The Krasman Centre, for many years. Because of her time in the field, her research interests are community-based projects that lead to tangible community development and/or community service improvements. Tanya’s current projects include: 1) a photovoice-based documentation and action study of the living circumstances and realities of suburban homelessness; 2) a health and social services needs assessment of residents of smaller/rural communities who are transgender or non-gender-conforming (focused in North Simcoe/Muskoka area) in partnership with The Gilbert Centre; 3) a small study on the effectiveness of lay sexual health youth educators in HIV/AIDS and sexual health promotion in partnership with the York Region AIDS Committee; and 4) a small study of the effectiveness of trialogues in community mental health to enhance the voices of consumer/survivor initiatives, in partnership with the Krasman Centre in York Region.

 Tanya is also interested in social work education research and research about community college students. She is currently wrapping up her PhD dissertation in education, which is a mixed methods study of the experiences and processes of academic failure and expulsion of students from vocational education programs in community colleges.