Laurentian University Department of Music Jazz Combo and Collège Boréal Stage Management and Technical Support Program launch unique collaboration

December 2, 2012 - Professor Allan J. Walsh, instructor of the Jazz Combo at Laurentian University’s Department of Music, and Mathieu Grainger, Manager – Stage Management and Technical Support Program at Collège Boréal, are spearheading a collaboration that will enhance learning for students in both groups.

Students from the Laurentian University Jazz Combo will be working with students from the Stage Management and Technical Support Program under the direction of Mr. Walsh, Mr. Grainger and technical director Francois Labelle in the new state of the art concert hall at Collège Boréal.

Through a series of classes and labs, Laurentian music students will gain experience in preparing a complete concert program encompassing all the elements of production, including:

  • scheduling and preparing stage set-ups and technical riders
  • understanding the ensemble and individual musician's role during sound checks
  • microphone choices and placement 
  • amplification needs for vocalists
  • amplification needs for various instruments (electric and acoustic)
  • monitoring sound levels on stage and in the hall, and
  • communicating effectively with technicians to achieve a desired sound.

The initiative will culminate with a final concert at Collège Boréal on Tuesday, December 4, 2012. Members of the Laurentian community and the general public are invited to this special event, showcasing the collaborative talents of the students of Laurentian University and Collège Boréal.  Tickets are available at the Department of Music, Collège Boréal and at the door the evening of the concert.

"The Department of Music at Laurentian University is very excited about the collaboration with the Collège Boréal Stage Management and Technical Support Program,” said Laurentian Department of Music Chair, Charlotte Leonard.  “Our jazz students will acquire practical experience in all aspects of electronic sound production, recording, and performance in a state of the art facility. We applaud this wonderful initiative taken by Allan Walsh and Mathieu Grainger."

Tina Montgomery, Dean of Collège Boréal’s School of Arts, emphasizes the merits of such collaboration: “The new partnership between Collège Boréal and Laurentian University outlines our common and durable goal of sharing the postsecondary resources available to Greater Sudbury students. Thanks to this natural and innovative collaboration, Collège Boréal and Laurentian University are optimizing the use of their infrastructure and their faculty while offering the best to the next generations of professional entertainers.”