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Mining Innovation, Rehabilitation and Applied Research Corporation (MIRARCO)

MIRARCO-Mining Innovation, the largest not-for-profit applied research firm in North America where we serve the global natural resources industry by turning knowledge into profitable, innovative solutions.

Our mission is to develop the people and tools needed to plan and design the underground mines and related facilities of the future, with expertise in geomechanics (hazard assessment and risk mitigation); visualization & optimization; and environmental stewardship & sustainability.

Through MIRARCO, partners have the added benefit of accessing innovative, customized applied research teams; dedicated post-secondary student resources; testing, analytical and visualization facilities; and funding subsidy programs and tax credits.

MIRARCO's goal is to translate as much benefit as possible to industry, to create unique and exciting employment, and to engage in projects that make a real difference. Whether you're a member of industry or academia there are plenty of opportunities to work with MIRARCO and help change tomorrow's mining industry, today!


You will find some of the opportunities for your organization to collaborate with MIRARCO's cutting-edge research. Fields we work with:


MIRARCO also have worked with over 60 post-graduate students to foster innovation through multi-disciplinary applied research for safe, sustainable, and cost-effective mining, from exploration to closure and remediation.

Please visit the MIRARCO website or contact at for more information.