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How to Apply


The exchange program is open to all Laurentian students that meet the eligibility requirements. However, please note that certain programs at Laurentian do not permit you to obtain credits towards your degree outside of Canada. As well, some program curriculums are too condensed and do not leave enough elective credits to partake in a student exchange. 



✈ Minimum 6.0 GPA 
✈ Minimum 30 credits completed at Laurentian
✈ Enrolled as a full-time student 
✈ Must have permission from your academic department

Step 1: Determine the exchange programs available for your program by sending an email to  

Step 2: Meet with your Academic Program Coordinator to ensure you qualify for an exchange. Determine the remaining credits that you are required to complete to meet your program requirements, and which of these credits you can complete abroad. 

Step 3: Set up consultation with LUGO representative.

Step 4: Submit your application and supporting documents before the deadlines. 

Step 5: Next steps will be sent to your Laurentian email. 

For most cases, these are the supporting documents required for the application:

✈ Laurentian application form 
✈ Two academic references
✈ Letter of intent (letter stating why you want to study internationally) 
✈ Official transcript (must include all updated grades prior to leaving on exchange) 
✈ Language proficiency report (varies per exchange program) 

  • OBW - German language attestation form 
  • France - French language attestation form (varies per program) 

Once you have all the required documents, you can submit them to the LUGO Office by email at  

✈ Read through the entire application before starting.
✈ Gather the required supporting documents. 
✈ Complete each section in full. 
✈ Type your application and submit a PDF version. 
✈ Ensure that all required documents have been included in your application. 
✈ Be aware of the deadlines. 
✈ Wait to receive all of your final grades before ordering your official transcript. 

✈ LUGO - January 15 (for full year)
✈ LUGO - August 15 (for winter semester)
✈ OUI programs - January 15
✈ ISEP - February 1 (for full year)
✈ ISEP - and August 15 (for winter semester) 
✈ Summer Language Programs - Varies yearly  

Once you have been selected to participate on an exchange, you must then register for courses abroad and complete the learning agreement to be approved by your academic department. The learning agreement is a document which certifies that upon successful completion, the courses taken abroad will be credited towards your Laurentian degree.

A study permit is a document issued by a governments that allows a foreign national to study in that country for a limited time. Depending on the country you wish to study in and the length of your program, study permits are not always required.

Students must research the immigration requirements for the country to which they desire to study. Immigration laws are different for each country and are constantly being modified. Students should visit the government immigration website of the country they are planning to study to see if they are required to apply for a Study Permit. 

Students are required to have adequate travel and health insurance for the duration of their student exchange. Students can purchase travel insurance from any insurance provider as long as the plan provides full travel and health coverage from departure to return to Canada.

Insurance providers to consider: