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Visiting Exchange Students

Laurentian University (LU) located in Sudbury, Ontario, offers an outstanding Canadian university experience in both English and French. Find your home away from home at the heart of a beautiful city and a magnificent campus. As the Northern Ontario hub for health, education, government, mining, and retail, the City of Greater Sudbury offers the unique advantages of a metropolitan area while remaining a truly friendly community.

Located in the traditional territory of the Atikameksheng Anishnabek,  our campus is nestled among five freshwater lakes in the heart of the city, surrounded by lush green spaces. It stands to reason that pristine nature can be enjoyed from every vantage point on campus.

How to Apply

The exchange program at Laurentian is open to all international students nominated from our partner institutions who meet admission requirements. 

Students cannot apply to Laurentian directly, they must first be nominated by their home institution. Students should contact the exchange office at their home institution for details about the application procedure and deadlines.   

Supporting documents required for the application:
✈ Laurentian application form
✈ 2 academic references
✈ Letter of intent (letter stating why you want to come study at Laurentian) 
✈ Transcript (must include all grades up to date) 
✈ Language attestation form 

All of the required documents should be submitted to the student exchange office at the home institution, who will then send Laurentian the application. 

Step 1: Apply with your Study Abroad Office. 
Step 2: Receive a nomination from your home institution.
Step 3: Once you have been nominated you will receive the application form from Laurentian.
Step 4: Submit Laurentian application form with all supporting documents to your home institution. 
Step 5: If you are selected, you will receive a letter of acceptance from Laurentian by email. Please follow the instructions provided in this email. 
Step 6: Log into the applicant portal and complete the residence application process. 
Step 7: Wait for your welcome package. 
Step 8: Send completed course registration form to
Step 9: Purchase flight ticket, travel insurance and make travel arrangements.
Step 10: Request airport shuttle pick-up. (details available in the welcome guide)

✈ Read through the entire application before starting and gather the required documents. 
✈ Complete each section in full unless otherwise stated. 
✈ Type your application and submit a PDF version. 
✈ Ensure that all required documents have been included in your application. 
✈ Make sure that you don’t miss the deadlines. 

In most cases, the application deadline is April 1 for the fall term (September to December) and October 1 for the winter term (January to April). Deadlines may vary depending on the agreement, please contact the student exchange coordinator at your home institution about application deadlines. 


Through our exchange agreements, students pay tuition at their home institution. For most cases, students are not required to pay tuition fees at Laurentian. 

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is a mandatory health insurance plan for all international non-residents studying or working at one of the participating universities in Ontario. UHIP provides members and their eligible dependants basic medical coverage similar to what Ontario permanent residents receive under Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

The cost of UHIP is approximately $52 CAD per month and the insurance is mandatory for the duration of their stay in Ontario. Please note that all fees are subject to change, please see the UHIP website the for most up to date fees.

Student Association Medical Coverage

Full-time students have optional additional medical coverage available through the student association health plan. Medical coverage through the student association helps pay for services that are not covered under UHIP. Student should contact their student association for the cost of this insurance. Follow the links below for more information about the extended health plan.



The Laurentian campus has many different residences and meal plans to choose from. The residence application is completed on the applicant portal once you have accepted your offer to study at Laurentian. Students staying in Laurentian residence are required to purchase a meal plan. Please see their websites below for further details including cost.  

The price for textbooks and school supplies will vary depending on the program of study. However, students can generally expect to spend between $500 to $1000 CAD for two academic semesters. (September to April.)   

Exchange students have the option of opting into the bus pass service. The cost for the bus pass is approximately $196 CAD and this will allow them to use their student card unlimitedly as a bus pass while they are in Sudbury from September to April. Note that the average cost for a bus pass through the city is of $80 per month.

It is recommended that students bring enough Canadian money to cover the costs for the first few days in Canada ($500 to $1000 CAD cash). This money can be used in the case of any emergency or unexpected expense while traveling or arriving to Canada. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Fall semester: September to December
Winter semester: January to April 
Fall and winter semester: Septembre to April 
*Students can expect to have exams until December 23 and April 30. 

See the following link for reading weeks, examination periods and other important dates at Laurentian.

In most cases, the application deadline is April 1 for the fall term (September) and October 1 for the winter term (January). Deadlines may vary depending on the agreement, please contact your student exchange coordinator about application deadlines.

The conditions of employment vary per student situation. Please contact an International Office once you are in Sudbury for more information.

Yes. We do not require an official language score but we do require a language attestation form from your home university. 

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