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Yves Alarie

Research Interests

My laboratory has focused on aquatic members of the large beetle suborder Adephaga (= Hydradephaga), one of the most diverse groups of freshwater insects on Earth with the view to studying the patterns by which taxa evolved worldwide. My research demonstrates the power of larval morphology, with its inherent chaetotaxic analysis, as a tool for testing hypotheses of phylogenetic relationships of insects. Thus far our findings have challenged many established views concerning the taxonomic structure of the Hydradephaga. Their continued analyses and those of related groups has led to a revision of our views on how they are taxonomically organized. One item of practical significance is that association of aquatic beetle larvae with adults has the potential to make the wealth of characters present in the larval stage available for ecological and evolutionary study. A long-term goal of my research program is to study the evolutionary significance of morphological differences among species.  A central tenet emerging from historical analyses of the evolution of morphology is that hypotheses about how these general patterns are generated may only be tested within an explicit phylogenetic framework, which is the main output of the proposed research.


Publications (last 6 years)

Short, A.E.Z., Alarie, Y., Garcia, M. and L.J. Joly. 2012. Are noterids specialized meruids (Coleoptera, Adephaga)? A reply to Dressler et al. Systematic Entomology (in press).

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