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Leadership Group

Laurentian Leadership Group:


Allard Silvie Office of the President Assistant to the President
Archambault Daniel Office of Research Services Acting Director
Asselin Jean-Yves Translation Office Translator
Badiou Noël Equity, Diversity and Human Rights Assistant Vice-President
Bate Evan Development Manager, Individual Gifts
Beaulieu Alain Department of Philosophy Chair/Director
Beauparlant Diane Student Awards and Fees Manager
Beaupre Céline Facility Services Capital Project Manager
Black Earl Accessibility Services Manager
Blais Christine Centre for Academic Excellence Executive Director
Bougrine Hassan Department of Economics Chair/Director
Boyer Celeste General Counsel and Secretary Records and Information & Privacy Officer
Breijer Pieter Liaison Services Manager
Breton William Centre for Academic Excellence Manager, Learning Assistance Centre
Brockerhoff-Macdonald Bettina Continuing Education Senior Program Manager
Brousseau Chad J.N. Desmarais Library Night Supervisor
Brunette Michelle K. Institutional Planning Acting Director
Buchanan Brett School of the Environment Chair/Director
Cachon Jean-Charles Department of Marketing and Management, Faculty of Management Chair/Director
Cameron Emilie Human Resources & Org Dev Director, Professional Relations
Canniff David Security, Risk Management & Parking Services Risk Manager
Ceming Julie Campus Services Manager, Conference and Event Services
Chaput Carole Financial Services Manager, Research and Payables
Meehan Rachel Alumni Relations Director
Cholette Jean-Paul Facility Services Manager, Grounds and Fleet
Choukrallah Ricard Imane Registrar's Office Manager, Records and Systems
Church Anthony School of Sports Administration Chair/Director
Coholic Diana School of Social Work Interim Chair/Director
Colilli Paul Department of Modern Languages and Literatures Chair/Director
Corbeil Renée Département d'études françaises Chair/Director
Corrigan Stephanie Development Manager, Acquisition Program
Cote-Meek Sheila Academic & Indigenous Programs Associate Vice President
Coutu Ray Campus Services Director
Demers Serge Registrar  University Registrar and Secretary of Senate
Demianiuk Benjamin Housing and Food Services Director
Dennie Jean Centre for Academic Excellence Manager, Academic Advising
Dia Mohamed Department of Finance and Operations, Faculty of Management Chair/Director
Dickinson Joel Department of Psychology Chair/Director
Dubuc-Charbonneau Nicole CNFS Manager
Eibl Andrew Human Resources & Org Dev HRIS Manager
Fairgrieve Scott Department of Forensic Science Chair/Director
Fontaine Pierre Facility Services Senior Manager, Operations and Maintenance
Fowler Craig LU at Barrie Associate Vice-President, Research Partnership, Innovation and Economic Development
Frappier Shawn Human Resources & Org Dev Director, Talent Management and Employee Relations
Gagnon Carly General Counsel and Secretary Records and Information & Private Officer
Galvin Terrance School of Architecture Chair/Director
Gauthier-Frohlick Denise Aboriginal Student Affairs Manager
Geryk Laura Information Technology Assistant Director
Gningue Youssou Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences Chair/Director
Goudreault Joanne Human Resources & Org Dev Director, Compensation Services
Greedharry Mrinalini Interdisciplinary M.A. in the Humanities, Faculty of Arts Chair/Director
Hall Kristen Faculty of Arts Interim Office Manager
Hellstrom Peter Athletics & Campus Recreation Director
Henri Julie Centre for Academic Excellence  Manager, Laurentian Online
Houle Joanne Human Resources & Org Dev Manager, Payroll
Houle Julie Devlopment Acting Manager, Acquisition Program
Jago Bruce Goodman School of Mines Founding Executive Director
James Susan Midwifery Education Program Chair/Director
Johns Michaal  Department of Political Science Chair/Director
Keeping Melissa Laurentian International Director
Labrosse Erik Student Life Director
Lacroix Julie Human Resources & Org Dev Human Resources Manager
Laferriere Martin Information Technology Manager, Infrastructure
Lafontaine Patrick Service Innovation Director
Landry Sylvie Academic and Francophone Affairs Director, Partnerships and Collaborations
Larivière Céline School of Human Kinetics Chair/Director
Larocque Sylvie School of Nursing Chair/Director
Lavallee Normand Financial Services Executive Director
Leeson David Department of History Chair/Director
Lefebvre Claudette Human Resources & Org Dev Manager, Pension and Benefits
Lehtimaki Shauna Institutional Planning Director
Lemieux Justin Student Recruitment Director
Leonard Charlote Department of Music Chair/Director
Mainville Linda VP Academic and Provost Executive Assistant
Manitowabi Darrel School of Northern and Community Studies Chair/Director
Marois Roxane Facility Services Office Manager
Mayer-Crittenden Chantal Programme en orthophonie Coordonnatrice intérimaire
McCartney Kati Facility Services Manager, Energy and Sustainability
McGibbon Joseph Housing and Food Services Residence Life Manager
Mendes Sheila Facility Services Capital Project Manager
Michaud Marie-Lynne Marketing Director
Michelutti Val Varsity Athletics and Campus Recreation Manager
Milewski Patrice School of Education Interim Chair/Director
Millsap Barbara MBA, Faculty of Management Program Coordinator
Moeke-Pickering Taima School of Indigenous Relations Chair/Director
Moore-Frappier Shelly Indigenous Sharing and Learning Centre Director
Morrison Moira Centre for Academic Excellence Manager, Instructional Design
Musico Joanne Communications Director
Neff Charlotte Department of Law and Justice Chair/Director
Ouimette Melissa Admissions Manager
Parkes Brad Facility Services Executive Director
Radey Suzanne Budgets and Accounting Director
Rains Jean-Paul Digital Strategy Director
Rioux Johanne Instructional Media Director
Rivet Lyne Health and Wellness Manager
Rondeau Martin Print Hub Manager
Ross-Tremblay Pierrot Department of Sociology Chair/Director
Rousseau Kristy Development Director
Roy Diane Office of Registrar Associate Registrar
Roy Luc Information Technology Chief Information Officer
Ryan Jo-Anne Department of Accounting, Faculty of Management Chair/Director
Saleh Mazen Department of Biology Chair/Director
Scott Dan Department of Library and Archives Chair/Director
Seguin Lise J.N. Desmarais Library Circulation Supervisor
Seguin Michel Facility Services Capital Project Manager
Simbagoye Athanase École des sciences de l'éducation Chair/Director
Spoel Philippa Department of English Chair/Director
St-Marseille Nicole Security, Risk Management & Parking Services Director
Sullivan Deborah Human Resources & Org Dev Manager, Professional Relations
Teller Meredith  Faculty of Arts Office Manager
Tinkham Doug Harquail School of Earth Sciences Chair/Director
Tremblay Line Academic and Francophone Affairs Associate Vice-President
Trottier Roger Facility Services Manager, Trades
Timusk Markus Bharti School of Engineering Chair/Director
Trudeau Rachel Faculty of Science, Engineering & Architecture Office Manager
Wenghofer Elizabeth School of Rural and Northern Health Chair/Director
Wichoski Ubi Department of Physics Chair/Director


Executive Team Members:


Freedman Alex Office of the President Chief of Staff
Giroux Dominic Office of the President President and Vice-Chancellor
Klotz Terez Human Resources & Org Dev Executive Director
Kunto Sara General Counsel and Secretary University Secretary and General Counsel
MacLeod Tracy University Advancement Chief Advancement Officer
McAulay Carol Administration Vice-President
Mercer Chris Student Life, Enrolment Management and International Executive Director
Wang Rui Research Vice-President
Morrison Doug CEMI President and CEO
Pakalnis Vic MIRARCO President and CEO
Wang Rui Research   Vice-President  
Zundel Pierre Academic and Provost Vice-President and Provost


Deans / Associate Dean (standing invite):


Abou-Rabia Osman Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture Dean
Brogden Lace Marie Faculty of Education Dean
Burke Sara Faculty of Arts Vice-Dean
Couture Roger Faculty of Health Dean
Dawes Elizabeth Faculty of Arts Dean
Daviau Charles Faculty of Arts Vice-Dean, Student Retention
Grzeda Maurice Faculty of Management Associate Dean
Havlovic Stephen Faculty of Management Dean
Joly Helene Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture Vice-Dean
Lesbarreres David Faculty of Graduate Studies Acting Dean
Matheson Duncan Barrie Campus Principal
Roe Brent J.N. Desmarais Library University Librarian
Strasser Roger Faculty of Medicine Dean
VACANT   Faculty of Health Associate Dean
Watson Shelley Faculty of Graduate Studies Acting Dean