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Laurentian University Research Week 2017: Research and Innovation Top Ten Winners

Sudbury, ON (MONDAY, MARCH 6th 2017) – On Friday, March 3rd, Laurentian University, as part of Research Week 2017, handed out it’s first-ever awards for achievements in research and innovation. These awards honour research and innovation achievements from 2016, a landmark year for research and innovation success at Laurentian. Faculty members, students, and staff were invited to nominate their choices for the most significant research and innovation achievements. The nominations celebrated large-scale institutional achievements such as the Metal Earth project and funding for the new Research, Innovation and Engineering building as well as individual achievements such as book prizes and awards, innovative technologies, new partnerships and research training activities. The Laurentian community voted for the Top 10 finalists.  The Top 10 Research and Innovation achievements for 2016 were unveiled during the Closing Ceremony of Research Week.


When asked about the significance of the Top 10 awards, Dr. Rui Wang, Vice-President, Research, said, “Laurentian’s excellence in research and innovation in 2016 has already received national recognition. The Top 10 awards are the ‘people’s choice’; recipients were nominated, selected and celebrated by the Laurentian community. The Top 10 and numerous other achievements reflect the collective determination and relentless efforts of Laurentian`s faculty, students and staff toward achieving our goals and set a new standard of excellence for our future endeavors.”


The winners of the Top 10 Research and Innovation Achievements of 2016 are:


10. Governor General Gold Medal for highest achievement in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and NSERC Doctoral Award, Justin Chamberland (MA, Psychology)


9. Outstanding NSERC Granting Success, Dr. Elizabeth Turner (Harquail School of Earth Sciences)


8. Research Chairs recruitment and renewals, Laurentian University


7. First NSERC CREATE grant at Laurentian University, Dr. Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde (Biology), Dr. David Lesbarrères (Biology), Dr. Jacqueline Litzgus (Biology), Dr. Brett Buchanan (School of the Environment), Dr. Gillian Crozier (Philosophy)


6. Achievements in Indigenous Research, Laurentian University


5. Canada’s #1 in total sponsored research income growth in the undergraduate category, Laurentian University


4. Clifford A. Fielding Research, Innovation and Engineering Building, Laurentian University


3Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF) award, Metal Earth, $49.6M


2. 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics


1. Student Achievement - Publications in High Profile Research Journals (Nature-Heredity, PLOS one, Ecology and Evolution, Genes and Genomics, etc., Gabriel Thériault, (PhD candidate, Biology)


For a description of the winning Research and Innovation achievements follow the link: