On Jan. 7, the Goring Family Lecture Series on Sustainable Northern Economic Development at Laurentian University welcomed Justin Ferbey, President of the Yukon Development Corporation, to share lessons about economic development he learned while serving as CEO of the First-Nation-owned Carcross Tagish Management Corporation.  His presentation was titled “Lessons from the Yukon for Northern Ontario?  First Nations, Tourism and Regional Economic Development”.

Established thanks to the generous support of founding donor Peter Goring and the Goring Family Foundation, the purpose of the Goring Family Lecture Series is to bring eminent figures from academic circles, the business community, public life, and the professions to Sudbury.  The lectures focus on different aspects of sustainable economic development, which draws upon a variety of disciplines including northern resource economies, social and economic issues related to development, issues related to northern design capacity, policy discussions and the global challenges of resource-based communities.  The Series also supports the mission of Laurentian’s School of Northern and Community Studies to foster the well-being of land and communities with a focus on Northern Ontario.

During his lecture held in Laurentian’s Governors’ Lounge, Ferbey discussed strategies Carcross developed in order to obtain a private sector economy and create more business and employment opportunities for its citizens and community.

Under Ferbey’s leadership, the community of Carcross took full advantage of its picturesque lakeside setting and established a focused plan to build biking trails among surrounding mountains to attract tourists from around the globe.

As a result, the community created jobs for local youth who prepared the trails and provided training for underemployed adults to build structures for retail businesses.  This led to opportunities for local artisans to sell their works to tourists.

In 2013, Ferbey was recognized for his efforts by being named the innovator of the year by the Yukon’s Tourism Industry Association.

Ferbey’s presentation is just one of many the Goring Family Lecture Series on Sustainable Northern Economic Development has brought to Laurentian University.

In the past, the Goring Family Lecture Series has featured Ken Coates, Canada Research Chair in Regional Innovation at the University of Saskatchewan, and the Honourable Bob Rae, former Premier of Ontario and interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Video recording of Justin’s Ferbey’s presentation was made possible thanks to the Northern Policy Institute, a proud partner in the Goring Family Lecture Series on Sustainable Northern Economic Development.