On March 23rd, the Development Office hosted over 100 guests at its bi-annual Awards Appreciation Social in Alumni Hall.

All donors who have created bursaries and scholarships at Laurentian were invited to meet the beneficiaries of their generosity and to learn first-hand how their contributions have made an impact on their lives.

Third-year student Austin Lemieux, recipient of the Jim Fielding Memorial Bursary, spoke on behalf of his fellow award recipients and offered some powerful words about how the financial support received has helped shape a new and prosperous future for him and his family. As he said to the donors in attendance: “We thank you for all that you have done for our educational journeys, because for us, it is life-changing.”

Truer words could not be spoken. To all our award donors we simply cannot overstate how thankful we are for your support and leadership. You have played a part in teaching our students academically, but you have also provided an education in the spirit of philanthropy. For this we are truly grateful.

You have made an impact. Here. Now. Forever.


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