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Vassilios Kazakidis

Vassilios Kazakidis

Associate Professor

Bharti School of Engineering
Science, Engineering and Architecture
F-225E, Science Building Sudbury Campus


Dr. Kazakidis is a tenured Associate Professor with B.Sc, MASc and PhD degrees in Mining 

Engineering. He has been with the School of Engineering at Laurentian University since January 

2001. Prior to that, for a ten-year period, he was the director of Dias Engineering Inc., based 

in Sudbury, Ontario, where he gained extensive experience in engineering design and decision 

analysis in dealing with mineral resource development projects, as well as management of applied 

industrial research projects.

He worked on consulting and industrial research assignments in Canada and overseas dealing 

with underground mine design, mining geomechanics, production system analysis, production 

simulation, economic impact of ground-related problems, and the impact of mining community 

relations on feasibility studies. As part of his work assignments, Dr. Kazakidis interacted with all 

levels of a mining company, both at the operating and corporate levels, from the miner at the face 

of a heading to the president level of a corporation. This particular experience forms the basis 

for the courses Dr. Kazakidis teaches in the areas of mine feasibility, mine economics, design risk 

management of mining systems, underground mining methods and engineering economics.


  • Research

    Current research interests focus on close collaboration with the local mining industry and lie 

    in the areas of flexible mining systems, rapid development, quality control, decision analysis, 

    underground mine planning, frozen backfill design, risk management in mine feasibility, and 

    mining community relations. Sources of research funding include the mining industry, NSERC 

    (Discovery and CRD) and Laurentian University.


  • Teaching

    Student Supervision

    Number of Theses Supervised as Principal advisorUndergraduateM. A. Sc.M. Eng.Ph. D.PDF

    NOTE: All students are now employed in the Canadian Mining Industry


    Chapters in Academic Books:

    • Kazakidis, V. and Mayer Z., (2010), Real Options in Underground Mining Systems Planning and Design, Chapter 9, In Real Options in Engineering Design, Harriet Black Nembhard & Mehmet Aktan (eds), CRC Press, Taylor Francis Group, pp. 99-122


    Articles (in refereed journals: published or accepted):

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     Published conference proceedings and presentations:

    • S.A. Kenzap, and V. N. Kazakidis, (2013), “Operating Risk Valuation for Optimization of Underground Metal Mining Systems: Assessment and Applications”, Presentation in the 23rd World Mining Congress, Montreal, August 11-15, 10 p.
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