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Faculty of Health - List of Schools & Departments

Gerontology is the study of older people and the issues associated with aging. The Gerontology program provides students with a dynamic education based on theory, applied skills and experiential research. Students learn using a multidisciplinary, intergenerational and cross-cultural approach as it links to aging. The curriculum is based on many disciplines, including physiology, psychology, sociology, public policy, biology, and spirituality, as well as ethics and mental health as they relate to the aging individual.

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Lorraine Mercer  Chair

Human Kinetics includes five programs that, in distinct ways, examine the field of physical education, including research methods, the impact of physical activity and fitness on health and wellness within Canadian and international contexts. The School of Human Kinetics combines academics and elite sport by collaborating with the department of Athletics and various communities, provincial and national sport organizations.

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Olivier Serresse Director  1085
Sylvain Grenier Coordinator, Kinesiology 1095
Patricia Pickard Coordinator, Health Promotion 1027
James Little Coordinator, Outdoor Adventure Leadership 1205
Kerry McGannon Coordinator, Sport Psychology 1204
Amanda Schweinbenz Coordinator, Sport & Physical Education (SPED) 1084
Georges Kpazai Coordinator, EDPH 1075
Stephen Ritchie Coordinator MHK/MAP 1046
Lise McGlade Administrative Assistant 1012
Julie Pafford Administrative Assistant 1090

A midwife is a registered health care professional who provides primary care to women during pregnancy, labour and birth, including conducting normal vaginal deliveries and providing care to mothers and babies during the first six weeks postpartum.

The Midwifery program reflects the philosophy of midwifery in Ontario and its focus on women’s participation in their healthcare. it prepares students to become midwives in Ontario and other Canadian provinces and territories where midwifery is regulated. The program works closely with practicing midwives and other maternity care providers to ensure a high quality clinical environment for students.

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Susan James Director 3957
Nicole Wissell Administrative Assistant 3951
Brigitte Labelle Administrative Assistant 3956
Chantal Séguin Community Placement Coordinator 3950

The School of Indigenous Relations offers two programs for students:  The Honours Indigenous Social Work (ISW) bachelor program (On-campus and Distance Ed) and the Master of Indigenous Relations (MIR) program (On-campus).  The ISW was developed by the Aboriginal community in collaboration with the faculty and endorsed by the Robinson-Huron Chiefs.  This ISW program celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013.  The MIR was developed by the Indigenous faculty at Laurentian in collaboration with Aboriginal communities and students.  It is the first Indigenous Master’s program in Northern Ontario, and it begins its first cohort of eight students in September 2014.

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Name Title Ext. Email
Susan Manitowabi Director 5049
Daniel Côté Coordinator, MIR (Fall) 5081
Taima Moeke-Pickering Coordinator, MIR (Winter) 5083
Sheri Cecchetto Placements Coordinator 5028
Freda Recollet Administrative Assistant 5082

Nursing is a knowledge-based profession that includes an exciting blend of science, mathematics, psychology, anthropology, organizational management and sociology, to name a few. Nursing education addresses each of these areas and prepares the student for a lifelong career locally or abroad with opportunities in acute care hospitals, public health, community healthcare, telehealth, outpost nursing, research, education, healthcare management, health policy development, 
and much more.

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Name Title Ext. Email
Sylvie Larocque Director, Coordinator BSI 3804
Heather Jessup-Falcioni Coordinator, Collaborative BScN (Fall) / BScN 3821
Julie Duff-Cloutier Coordinator, Collaborative BScN (Winter) 3815
Irene Koren Coordinator, BScN Program (Winter) 3805
Robyn Gorham Coordinator, MScN, MScInf, NP and IP Program 3737
Christina Sckopke Academic Advisor, French Post RN Program 3707
Louise Perreault Placement Coordinator (BScInf/BScN) 3802
Brianna Ducharme Placement Coordinator (NP/IP/Masters) 3780
Carole Lafontaine Administrative Assistant 6589
Lynne Scopazzi Administrative Assistant 3800

The School of Speech-Language Pathology offers a 4-year bachelor degree in Speech-Language Pathology (offered in French only). This program is the only interdisciplinary program of its kind offered in French in Canada. A 2-year master’s program in Speech-Language Pathology (also offered in French only) is also offered and aims to provide our students with the necessary skills to become fluently bilingual (French and English) Speech-Language Pathologists. The faculty consists of devoted professors who are committed to their students’ success. These active researchers are busy studying various topics ranging from the correlation between cognition and language disorders, to the effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome on language development, to studies on written language as well as the academic performance of students in a linguistic minority.

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Chantal Mayer-Crittenden Director 4121
Michèle Minor-Corriveau Coordinator, MScS 4366
Pascal Lefebvre Coordinator, BScS 4130
Béatrice Dubé-Prévost Administrative Assistant 4122

The School of Rural and Northern Health at Laurentian University is home to the Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Rural and Northern Health (IRNH) and the Masters in Interdisciplinary Health (INDH). 

The School is designed:

  • to enhance both the quality and quantity of research focused on rural and northern health;
  • to train students to become high quality professionals in health research;
  • to promote the development of a critical mass of health research expertise in the north; and
  • to facilitate linkages between the university and community health organizations.

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Nancy Young Director 4014
Nicole Yantzi Coordinator, PhD Program 3355
Nancy Lightfoot Coordinator, Grad Program 3972
Cassandra Sigurdson Administrative Assistant 3976

The Social Work program is concerned with structural and individual change, and is committed to the eradication of social inequalities based on race, ethnicity, language, religion, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, abilities, economic status, political affiliation, national ancestry, and all other forms of oppression. Laurentian’s School of Social Work is committed to promoting awareness of the relationship between culture, language and ethnicity and the implications for social welfare and social work practice. 

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Name Title Ext. Email
Stéphane Richard Interim Director 5046
Duncan Matheson Principal, Barrie 6714
François Boudreau Coordinator, MSS 5047
Sandra Hoy Coordinator, MSW 5031
Sylvie Rivard Coordinator, BSS (Campus) 5062
Dominique Mercure Coordinator, BSS (Distance) 5061
Suzanne Lacelle Placement Coordinator
Francine Boudreau Placement Coordinator
Murielle Pharand Administrative Assistant 5056
Annette Duguay-Savard Administrative Assistant 5050