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Office of Graduate Studies

How to Apply

Graduate Program Admission

If you are interested in any of the programs below, please click the button below to go to the Graduate Admissions page.

Human Studies (PhD)

Offered in English

Eileen Connoly, Administrative Assistant, ext.4487


Psychology (MA) / Psychologie (m.a.)

Offered in English & French

Chantal Beauparlant, Administrative Assistant, ext.4240

Master's in Human Kinetics (MHK) / Kinésie humaine 

Offered in English & French

Dr. Amanda Schweinbenz, Graduate Coordinator, ext 1084

Lise McGlade, Administrative Assistant, ext.1012


Indigenous Relations (MIR)

Offered in English

Dr. Daniel Côté, Coordinator ext. 5081


Interdisciplinary Health (MA, MSc)

Offered in English

Dr. Elizabeth Wenghofer, Coordinator ext. 3972


Nursing (MScNMScN Practioner) /

Infirières (mscinf, iip-ssp)

Offered in English and French

Dr. Robyn Gorham, Coordinator ext. 3737


Orthphonie (MScS)

Offered in French

Dr. Michèle Minor-Corriveau, Coordinator ext. 4366

Béatrice Dubé-Prévost, Administrative Assistant, ext.4122


Rural and Northern Health (PhD)

Offered in English

Dr. Nicole Yantzi, Coordinator ext. 3925

Casey Sigurdson, Administrative Assistant, ext.3975


Social Work (MSW) / Service Social (MSS)

Offered in English and French

Dr. Sandra Hoy, Coordinator MSW ext. 5053

Dr. François Boudreau, Coordinator MSS ext. 5047

Annette Duguay, Administrative Assistant, ext.5050/6560

Murielle Pharand, Administrative Assistant, ext.5056

Buisness Administration (MBA)

Offered in English

Dr. Homayoon Shalchian, Coordinator

Xiao Xiang Chen, International Buisness Program Manager, ext 2134

Diane Rabouin, Administrative Assistant, ext.2122

Email for all inquiries at

Architecture (M.Arch)

Offered in English

Dr. Tammy Gaber, Coordinator, ext.7204

Victoria Edwards, Administrative Assistant, ext.7201


Biology (MSc)

Offered in English

Dr. Jean-Francois Robitaille, Coordinator, ext.2294

Diane Mayer, Administrative Assistant, ext.2285


Biomolecular Sciences (PhD)

Offered in English

Dr. T.C. Tai, Coordinator, (705) 662-7239

Louise Rancourt, Administrative Assistant, ext.2310


Boreal Ecology (PhD)

Offered in English

Dr. Peter Ryser, Coordinator, ext.2353

Elizabeth Bamberger, Administrative Assistant, (705) 671-3851

Karen Oman, Administrative and Research Assistant, ext.3861


Chemical Sciences (MSc)

Offered in English

Dr. Sabine Montaut, Coordinator, ext.2185

Louise Rancourt, Administrative Assistant, ext.2310


Computational Sciences (MSc)

Offered in English

Dr. Waldemar Koczkodaj, Coordinator, ext.2311

Louise Rancourt, Administrative Assistant, ext.2310


Geology (MSc, Applied MSc)

Offered in English

Dr. Alessandro Ielpi, Coordinator MSc, ext.4387

Dr. Daniel Kontak, Coordinator Applied MSc, ext.2352

Roxanne Mehes, Administrative Assistant, ext.6575


Mineral Deposits and Precambrian Geology (PhD)

Offered in English

Dr. Mostafa Naghizadeh, Coordinator, ext.2263

Roxanne Mehes, Administrative Assistant, ext.6575


Materials Science (PhD)

Offered in English

Dr. Joy Gray-Munro, Coordinator, ext.2215

Mélanie Gooyer, Administrative Assistant, ext.4282


Science Communication (MSc, Grad Dip)

Offered in English

Dr. Chantal Barriault, Coordinator, ext.4243

Angèle Gosseline-Mainville, Administrative Assistant, ext.3366


Engineering Science (M.A.Sc., M.Eng., PhD)

Offered in English

Dr. Dean Millar Coordinator, ext.5071

Dr. Krishna Challagulla, Coordinator (Fast Track), ext.2306

Natalie Boutet, Administrative Assistant, ext.2286