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Q. What is EDUROAM ?

EDUROAM is a roaming service that enables university students, faculty and staff to use their Laurentian credentials to access the wireless services, at no cost, when visiting other universities or participating institutions of the EDUROAM program.


Q. Who has access EDUROAM?

All current students and employed faculty and staff (regardless of leave status) have access to the EDUROAM service.


Q. What institutes are participating in the EDUROAM program?

For an up-to-date list of participating Canadian schools, visit the Canadian Access Federation website at For a list of international partners, visit


Q. What are the device requirements for an EDUROAM connection?

In order to connect to the EDUROAM network you will need a Windows (XP, 7 or 8) or Mac OSX 10.5 and newer operating system and have a wireless adapter that supports 802.11a/b/g connectivity using the WPA2 protocol. Most laptops/Macbooks purchased after 2005 will meet this requirement.


Q. How do I get connected?

For most newer devices you simply have to select the EDUROAM SSID/network when connecting to the wireless access point and enter your Laurentian credentials.

When asked for credentials to login to EDUROAM, remember to use your Laurentian username and append the domain.

e.g If your username is jx_doe, enter 



Q. I'm unable to connect, who do I do?

  1. Verify that you've configured your device correctly.
  2. Check the status of the EDUROAM service at the partner institute that you're visiting. View the following page offers an overview of our service status.
  3. Contact the Laurentian University I.T. department using one of the following methods
    2. 705-675-1151 x2200
    3. In person in the Arts Building, A-130 (next to the Tim Horton's).


Q. Why doesn't Laurentian offer a EDUROAM SSID on campus?

Laurentian currently offers unrestricted wireless access to all parties, including guests that visit the campus. Since there are no restrictions or need for a login, we do not currently offer the EDUROAM SSID/Network.