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About Us

Department of English



Faculty members in the Department engage in research and experience-led teaching.

  • We offer courses in Indigenous literatures and rhetorics, colonial and postcolonial studies, film and visual media, early modern drama and literature, creative writing, rhetorical studies and environmental communication, women’s writing, and critical theory.

  • Our popular electives include studies of children’s literature, detective fiction, hockey literature, and science fiction.

  • Our upper-level seminars draw on faculty research interests to explore topics such as contemporary health and environmental discourse, Indigenous poetics, trauma studies, early modern women writers, Shakespeare and food security, and the rhetoric of documentary filmmaking.

We offer two integrated BA options:

  • The English Literature (ELIT) option focuses on developing students’ abilities to read and write critically about a wide scope of literary texts, genres, and theories.
  • The English Rhetoric and Media Studies (ERMS) option focuses on developing students’ abilities to critique and craft written, oral, and visual compositions in multiple genres and media.

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Full-Time Faculty

Patricia Brace

Associate Professor


Patricia Brace


Hoi Cheu

Associate Professor


Ernst Gerhardt

Chair/Associate Professor


Susan Glover

Associate Professor



Mrianlini Greedharry

Associate Professor


Sylvia Hunt

Master Lecturer


Philippa Spoel

Full Professor




Part-Time Faculty

Leda Culliford​

Sessional Instructor


Sara Frampton

Sessional Instructor


Matthew Heiti

Sessional Instructor


Jennifer Heywood

Sessional Instructor


Lisa LaFramboise

Sessional Instructor


Elizabeth McDougall

Sessional Instructor


Darlene Naponse

Sessional Instructor

photo credit: Sudbury Star


Rupayan Roy

Sessional Instructor


Shawna Partridge

Sessional Instructor


Neil Shyminsky

Sessional Instructor


Mark Sundaram

Sessional Instructor



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