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Testimonial by Abhinav Chinnassane, 1st year student, Biochemistry

Student Testimonial: Abhinav Chinnassane

“I’m a first-year student at Laurentian in the biochemistry program. So far, my experience at Laurentian has been good. The Chemistry-Biochemistry faculty and staff is great in terms of helping students. We can visit professors at their office hours to ask questions, or we can book an appointment with the professor or email them your questions and quickly get a response back. The Chemistry-Biochemistry department also has a Chem-Biochem club. Any opportunities regarding things like jobs, coops, research experience are all sent to students in the program via email or via the Facebook club page. The club page also shares interesting discoveries in science as well, fun events like a pool night where members of the club can bring their friends to have a fun night. ”

- Abhinav Chinnassane