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Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Name Office Extension
Dr. Eric Gauthier F-422 2101
Name Office Extension
Louise Rancourt S-220 2100
Name Office Extension Laboratory Extension
Dr. Vasu Appanna S-213 2112 S-212 2173
Dr Gustavo Arteca S-415 2117 F-216 2177
Dr. Nelson Belzile S-214 2114 S-211 2116
Dr. M'hamed Chahma S-515 2213 S-412 2187
Dr. Eric Gauthier F-422 2119 S-512 2102
Dr. Joy Gray-Munro F-321 2215 S-413 2124
Dr. Hélène Joly S-421 2333 S-420 2340
Dr. Aseem Kumar S-720 2103 S-712 2183
Dr. Louis Mercier F-359 2111 S-209 2175
Dr. Thomas Merritt F-310 2189 F-311 2191
Dr. Sabine Montaut S-219 2185 S-210 2152
Dr. Abdel Omri S-416 2190 S414 2120
Dr. Amadeo Parissenti HSN Research Institute --- ---
Dr. Jeffrey Shepherd F-526 4387 S-314 2125
Dr. Stefan Siemann F-320 2105 S-307 2184
Dr. Guangdong Yang F-309 2350 --- ---
Name Office Extension
Luc Beaudet S-315 1206
François Brunet S-316 2365
Kevin Chartrand S-316 2110
Paul Guérin S-315 2011
Adam Walli FA-040B 2218
Name Department Office Telephone Extension
Dr. Crestina Beites Midwifery Education Program HS-123 3981
Dr. François Caron School of the Environment F-322 2400
Dr. Jeffrey Gagnon Biology S-719 2357
Dr. Eduard Guerra Bharti School of Engineering F-225B 2244
Dr. Tom Kovala Northern Ontario School of Medicine    
Dr. Carita Lannér Northern Ontario School of Medicine MSE-314 705-662-7238
Dr. Robert Lafrenie HSN Research Institute   705-522-6237 EXT 2702
Dr. Hoang-Thanh Le HSN Research Institute    
Dr. Alexander Moise Northern Ontario School of Medicine    
Dr. Greg Ross Northern Ontario School of Medicine MSE-329 705-662-7216
Dr. Michael Schindler Harquail School of Earth Sciences WGMC-B8042 2368
Dr. Alain Simard Northern Ontario School of Medicine    
Dr. T.C. Tai Northern Ontario School of Medicine MSE-316 705-662-7239
Dr. Suji Tharmalingam Northern Ontario School of Medicine    

Dr. Christopher Verschoor

HSN Research Institute



Dr. James Watterson Forensic Sciences F-325 4349
Dr. Zhibin Ye Bharti School of Engineering    


Name Organization Telephone
Dr. Yu-Wei Chen Laurentian University 2116
Dr. Farukh Jabeen Avecina MedCann Innovations 365-777-0131
Dr. Mukund Jha Nipissing University 705-474-3450 ext 4814
Dr. Baoqing Guo HSN Research Institute 705-522-6237 ext 2710
Dr. James Knockelby HSN Research Institute 705-566-8101 ext 7535
Dr. Gustavo Ybazeta HSN Research Institute 705-523-7300 ext 1920
Name Organization Telephone
Gail Benoit Laurentian University 3061
Ryan Carbone Cambrian College 705-566-8101 ext 7807
Dr. Yu-Wei Chen Laurentian University 2116
Paul Guerin Laurentian University 2011
Dr. Jordan Lewicky HSN Research Institute 705-822-4330
Christine Robson