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COVID-19 - Resources

Research Recovery Plan

Considering guidelines from the Government of Canada, Province of Ontario and the local Medical Officer of Health, Laurentian University has developed a plan to phase-in a resumption of research activities. Health and Safety of our community will be at the centre of all decisions regarding the resumption of research activities. Laurentian University’s Phased-In Return to On Campus and Field-Research Plan, includes four-phases, to resume research and scholarship.  Researchers are asked to review the priorities, under each phase, to determine when they should apply for research resumption approval.

This Phased-In Return to On-Campus and Field-Research Plan is being implemented to ensure that the appropriate supports are available to resume research and scholarship safely. Requests for research resumption will be considered in conjunction with the broad activities of the Return to Campus Committee to ensure on-campus density remains low through a coordinated effort of resumption of on-campus activities over the summer months.

For more information on research supports available: Research contacts


Core Decision Making Principles 

  • Health and safety of all members of the Laurentian University and surrounding community is paramount 

  • Return to campus activities will be guided by direction from the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments including guidance from the Medical Officer of Health with Public Health Sudbury and Manitoulin Districts 

  • Research that can feasibly and safely be done remotely without significantly compromising the efficiency and integrity of the work, including adherence to ethical standards and maintenance of confidentiality, should continue to be done remotely

  • Students and other researchers must not be compelled to conduct research on campus or in the field. They must feel free to voluntarily return to campus labs or field research activities.

  • Supporting graduate students to advance their research and scholarship towards degree completion is a priority. Supporting post-doctoral fellows, early career researchers, and others who may have their scholarship disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 including women, persons with disabilities, Indigenous Persons, racialized minority, francophones, and/or other marginalized persons by considering principles of equity, diversity and inclusion 

  • Supporting research and development activities in collaborating with industry and community partners serving the local and regional economy of northern Ontario is important 

  • As research activities are phased-in, plans should be simultaneously developed to shut down research activities in a safe manner due to potential changes in public health directives related to COVID-19

  • Access to campus is contingent on researchers and students completing required training on COVID-19 and passing a self-assessment screening for COVID-19 

  • Access to campus will be suspended if health and safety protocols and approved risk mitigation plans are not followed


Research Resumption Toolkit

In looking ahead to a phased reintroduction of Laurentian University’s on-campus and field research enterprise, our goal is to protect and support our community, both by minimizing viral infections and by finding safe and creative ways to resume research previously put on hold.  Here you will find sample documents and resources to help you resume your research safely.  


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