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Research and Seminar

This course gives students experience in planning, executing and reporting upon a biological research project and is especially appropriate for students planning further studies or a career as a research scientist. The research topic is chosen in consultation with a faculty member, who must agree to supervise the student's research (consultation preferably occurs in the spring/summer of the calendar year in which the research is to begin). The student presents both a seminar and a thesis based on the research. It also includes instruction on selected topics in science, with particular reference to methodology in research, the preparation of reports, theses and papers for publication, and the preparation and presentation of seminars. PREREQ: BIOL 3327 and a minimum 75% average in all BIOL courses. cr 6. Available only to 4th-year students of the specialized program. Students may not retain credit for both BIOL 4035 and BIOL 4017.

School of Natural Sciences