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The Cognitive Health Research Laboratory at Laurentian University

This Week is Research: The Cognitive Health Research Laboratory at Laurentian University

Funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), The Cognitive Health Research Laboratory at Laurentian University brings together under one roof an interdisciplinary group of researchers focused a common goal: improving the characterization of cognitive health outcomes of the Canadian population and the development of services and/or protocols for a better monitoring of these results. The strength and uniqueness of the infrastructure in Laurentian’s cognitive research lab is the concentration and multi-use of high-tech instruments, such as eye-tracking and an event related potential (ERP )apparatus, which are often used in isolation from each other at other universities.


Dr. Annie Roy-Charland from the department of Psychology has been the principal investigator of the laboratory since its inception in 2008. Other professors including from Psychology, Human Kinetic and the School of Education, including,

Dr. Joël Dickinson, Dr. Josée Turcotte, Dr. Mélanie Perron, Dr. Luc Rousseau, Dr. Bruce Oddson et Dr. Yvon Gauthier, play an active role in the laboratory, which generates over 20 scientific papers per year. A lively and dynamic environment, the laboratory hosts over 70 students per year from various programs. Research projects currently underway in the lab address a variety of topics such as reading in adults, shared book reading between parents and children, the recognition of emotional facial expressions, selective attention in alcohol consumption, and the study of gender and sexuality mental schemas, short-term memory.